All Night Parties

hypnotist and students in High School show


Comedy Hypnotist for All Night Parties keep students laughing all through the night

Are you planning an All Night Party or All Night Graduation Party?  These alcohol-free, drug-free, parent chaperoned  events used to be called Project Graduations but it seems that now they are simply A.N.P.s.

Keeping juniors and seniors safe post-prom or post-graduation seems like a great idea ( no matter what you call it).  

As a hypnotist I do a large number of these events each year, and I always find them fun and satisfying because I know I am providing an important service, keeping kids in a safe environment on a night where they crave ‘something special’.

At lots of All Night Parties, the 90 minutes of the hypnosis show is often the highlight.  It may be the one event where every kid participates at some level, whether they volunteer or just watch there friends on stage.

This year ask about how a comedy hypnosis show from Hypnotist Peter Gross might be the highlight of your overnight event.

“Peter’s act was absolutely entertaining and the high schooler’s loved it!  The kids, who were called up, were thrilled to have the opportunity to participate and were amazed at the experience.” 
Holliston High School

“Peter kept the crowd entertained for over an hour with a good clean hypnosis fun. The show was a undeniable success. Great Job!”
Durphee High School