Boston-area Comedian is also skilled Stage Hypnotist

Best Hypnotist Show for Corporate Audience

It’s always a thrill when I get ‘coverage’.  Here’s a nice article from a couple of years ago.

I remember Chris, reporter, was very eager for me to hypnotize him. I was nervous, because I knew if I didn’t do a good job, that would be the crux of the story.

In the end, he was a wonderful  ‘client’ and as you will see from the article, the experience was profound.

There’s one fact that didn’t make it into the story. I called the reporter Chris, when the article was finally published to thank him for such a nice piece.  He mentioned I had ‘cured’ his insomnia. That night and the nights that followed our meeting, he had slept better than he had in year.  The weird part is: I hadn’t known about his sleep issues or mentioned them during his short trance session. His mind had done the work all by itself.  

Man this stuff is AMAZING.

Metrowest Daily News Feature Article