Stage Hypnotist Show – Pick the right show for your event

Alumni Weekend Entertainment ShowsStage Hypnotist Shows are great for some events – see if yours qualifies

Stage Hypnosis shows are often a perfect solution for a corporate event, sales kickoff, product rollout, celebration.  But strangely people rarely consider a Stage Hypnotist show for these events and others because they are confused about what condition make for a GREAT STAGE HYPNOSIS SHOW, while others have a firm but incorrect impression.  So here, once and for all, let me lay down my top 3 conditions when you should call stage hypnotist Peter Gross to come and perform:

When you have an audience of at least 50 people – Because a good stage hypnosis is doing real hypnosis and wants to spend most of the show creating fun skits and suggestions with volunteer who have found a deep and flexible trance state, it’s best to have a group of at least 50 people.  I only work with volunteers for my stage hypnosis, but I always have 15-18 chairs on stage for volunteers.  When I do shows with smaller groups, I have to ask EVERYONE to participate because I never know who will be the best subjects for my show.  For smaller groups, I always suggest my mentalism show because although it also involves lots of help from the crowd, there are roles for those who would rather sit in their chairs in the audience and mostly watch the proceedings.

When people know each other – This doesn’t actually make for a better show, but for some people, knowing the volunteers on stage creates a very different experience.  These Doubting Thomas’s will often tell me or others ” I didn’t believe that hypnosis was real until I saw [insert name of friend or work colleague] up there, dancing.”  People are naturally skeptical of how powerful hypnotic trance can be, but seeing someone they know proves that I don’t use a dozen actors to create the show.

When people can literally see the show –  I’m not a huge fan of people overusing the term ‘literally’ when they just want to express importance or relevance.  In this case I am referring to sight lines, a stage and proper seating for the audience.  Hypnosis shows are very visual and if people can’t see the show, they can’t enjoy it.  I have forced audiences to sit on the floor when no stage is provided.  Don’t make me get your dress pants dusty. Okay Sparky?

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