“Hypnotic Headcase” Post-show update

A great night at the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport. A big ‘thanks’ goes out to Kimm and the whole staff at the Firehouse who always make me feel like a star.  Happy people filled the seats and saw a brand new version of my show, for the first time combining my hypnosis with mentalism. The result was two acts, and almost 2 hours of material.  Of course my focus was on the mentalism: reading people minds, revealing secrets ( only safe ones) and predicting behaviors.  All fun and successful and ( hopefully) entertaining.

I haven’t seen any pictures from the event, but I’m hoping that people will be sharing them soon.

In the meanwhile, if you live in Southern Maine, come see me at York Community college in Wells ME.

Peter Gross – Funny Hypnotist