Comedy Hypnotist shares real value of mind body connection

Sleeping PeopleThe emphasis of my hypnosis shows is always comedy and fun, but I believe that my shows educate my audiences about the power of hypnosis.  At almost every show a member of the audience comes up to me to get some ‘real facts’ about hypnosis. Often they ask if I’m available for clinical sessions because the show has convinced them that hypnosis is real, or more powerful than they had assumed.  Often they decide that I’m better than others they’ve seen ( and maybe they are right).

 As a hypnotist I want the world to take the power of the mind quite seriously.

Need evidence of the power of the mind/body connection. Can our thoughts actually change our bodies?


This Tedx talk on power postures was the MOST VIEWED TEDX talk for many years. 
Are you trying to book a hypnotist for your next event?  What about a hypnotist who effortlessly combines comedy and education in a show appropriate for schools and campuses?
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