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” We were thrilled with Peter Gross and his show, Get Hypnotized. Peter is very skilled and very funny. Peter’s show is just right; it was just the show we were looking for. “
Nancy O’Flaherty, Microsoft

Boston’s funniest Stage Hypnotist is
Peter Gross

Get Hypnotized is the funniest stage hypnosis show you’ll ever hire. Comedy Stage Hypnotist Peter Gross creates hilarious boardroom-clean comedy using the power of his mind and the imaginations of his volunteers.

Imagine…a room full of people congradulating oscar-award winning actors by talking into their shoes?.

Imagine…watching the ‘shy guy’ from accounting singing like Elvis and the more you applaud, the more he writhes, dips and belts out the tune.

Imagine… A room full of people laughing louder and more enthusiastically then you’ve ever heard. And then the applause as YOU walk on stage to thank the guy who made it all possible. This is THAT show, your show.

Make the right choice for your corporate event or professional association

Peter Gross has been selected by dozens of Fortune 500 companies because they recognize Peter as an expert in corporate entertainment, company parties and association meetings.

Peter’s show GET HYPNOTIZED is always PG-13 clean and Peter only works with willing participants, so you know you’ll have a show that everyone will enjoy, whether they volunteer or enjoy from the audience.

Based near Boston, Massachusetts, Peter has performed all across the US and on cruise ships around the world, with a humor and style that’s universal.

About Stage Hypnotist Peter Gross

Peter On FilmMaster Hypnotist Peter Gross has been performing hypnosis at shows and for individuals for over 15 years. He has done demonstrations at Harvard, Yale and Brown Universities and been selected by Microsoft and Intel to entertain.

Peter has acted as a personal coach and has extensive experience with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Neuro-Associative Conditioning.

Peter earned degree in Philosophy from SUNY Binghamton and spent the year’s following graduation doing comedy, juggling, practicing Aikido and reading Samuel Beckett.